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Thericon is the first to bring multiparametric imaging to the operating theater 

This allows for displaying of previously invisible tissue properties together with standard color images on a single screen. 
The wealth of this diagnostic information and its intuitive presentation allows for faster and more accurate surgery results.

Our Vision


Our mission is to improve the success of surgeries by enabling surgeons better to distinguish different tissue types and identify malignant lesions. Our proprietary technology enables multiparametric endoscopy where various structural and functional images are provided simultaneously.

The first application of our real-time multispectral imaging technology is in transurethral resections of bladder tumor (TURBT), where we expect it will contribute to reducing disease recurrence and minimizing collateral tissue damage.

The case

Approximately 200.000 people die every year worldwide due to bladder cancer. Among men, bladder cancer is the 5th most common cancer worldwide, accounting for 6.2% of all cancers. Every year in US and EU out of 600.000 surgical cancer resections, 300.000 cancer recurrences happen.


A visual image of bladder tumors requires ample experience for interpretation. Especially small tumors are extremely difficult to identify, resulting in false negative interpretation in ~20% of the cases, thus leading to remaining tumor tissue in the patient. This can cause disease recurrence, leading to re-surgery or even death.

The cure

rMSI  technology will allow optically and intuitively differentiating whether tissue is malignant or healthy. Surgeons may thus for the first time be able to greatly improve the success rate of operation, improve post-surgery prognosis and in the long term increase the average life expectancy.

Science and technology from Mannheim, Germany

Market Trends


The global endoscopic equipment market volume is expected to grow with an CAGR of 6.6% annually. It is estimated to reach 23.3 billion EUR in 2019 and projected to reach a value of 34.8 billion EUR by 2024. 

An average university hospital in Germany is performing about 500 transurethral resections of bladder tumour (TURBT) every year on 200 patients, of which about 30% are new cases. An expected reduction of recurrence by 20% is estimated to result in 7% (or 350 €) cost reduction per patient per year.  

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rMSI technology combines standard white light image with enhanced vascular contrast and photodynamic diagnosis in one image and offers unprecedented identification of suspicious lesions.


Frank Sodha

Chief Executive Officer

Experience: entrepreneur, investor, consultant, builder in the Medical Device and Pharmaceutical industries with a strong track record.

Competencies: medical devices, contract manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, M&A, technology transfer, strategic management, startups, business consulting.

Dr. Nikolaos Deliolanis

Chief Scientific Officer

Experience: 16 years’ of R&D in biomedical optics and eight years in a management position. PhD in physics.

Competencies: medical engineering and imaging, clinical studies, management, business and business development.

Dr. Bartek Grychtol

Chief Operating Officer

Experience:  18 years’ of research in medical imaging. R&D consultant for medical device startups. EngD in medical devices.

Competencies: biomedical engineering, algorithm development, software engineering and agile management. 

Dr. Steffen Schabel

Chief Marketing and Sales Officer

Experience: entrepreneur, business angel, sales, marketing, customer care, consultant, market access, medical device expert.

Competencies: medical devices, sales operations, sales management, marketing, market development, product launch, customer service, startups.

What Doctors say
"The performance of rMSI technology is impressively demonstrated by zero false negative diagnoses, utilizing multi parameter imaging, crunching down the probability of false negative diagnosis at least one order of magnitude."
Dr. Deliolanis
"The main benefits given by rMSI are operational success rate due to better tissue classification, and a higher reliability diagnosis. Furthermore, a more intuitive visualisation, paired with comfortable handling improve the ease-of-use."
Dr. Grychtol
"This multiparametric approach probably represents the most pioneering concept, thus greatly improving patient prognosis and wellbeing. The computer-generated images guide the surgeon along the operation, increasing the success rate."
Dr. Rother

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