Thericon GmbH at the DGU Congress 2023: Embracing Innovation and Progress

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From September 20th to 23rd, 2023, the 75th Congress of the German Society of Urology e.V. took place at the impressive Congress Center Leipzig. Under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Martin Kriegmair, the President of the professional society and this year’s Congress President, urologists from around the world gathered at this significant event. The DGU Congress 2023 once again demonstrated why it is considered the third-largest urology congress in the world.

Thericon GmbH was represented by a high-level management team actively participating in the proceedings. CEO Frank Sodha, COO Gertraud Unterrainer, CSMO Steffen Schabel, and Advisor Christian Palme seized this opportunity to connect with colleagues from the urology industry and engage in meaningful discussions. One of the focal points was the current state of imaging technology.

The dynamics in this field are astounding, with everyone actively seeking the most advanced imaging techniques from all angles. Thericon GmbH was excited to exchange ideas and discover how the latest developments and innovations in imaging technology can revolutionize urology.

Particularly encouraging was the response to Thericon GmbH’s rMSI system. Many users showed great interest and anticipation in soon being able to try out this innovative system. The positive feedback and enthusiasm from the participants at the DGU Congress 2023 reinforce Thericon GmbH’s commitment to advanced technologies and solutions in urology.

Participating in the DGU Congress 2023 was an inspiring experience for Thericon GmbH, motivating the company to remain at the forefront of urological innovation and continuously enhance patient care in this field. We look forward to shaping the future of urology and offering innovative solutions that excite both healthcare professionals and patients alike.